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This site will eventually contain all of my music and videos. It's not the best effort I could have come up with but it's quick just to get a bit of a web presence. If I ever find the time, I'm going to do a proper version!

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Matthew Paul (full name: Matthew Paul Trangmar, so by day I'm Matt Trangmar).

I write/produce all my own music and videos and yearn to collaborate with someone else with similar interests but I've not been doing any of this stuff for very long so where do I start? I've got loads of creative ideas and haven't really channelled them into a single genre or medium, so I've really been experimenting all this time.

When I was growing up, I thought I wanted to be a vet, then a graphic designer (or something artistic), but I had no musical aspirations yet, despite having had singing lessons at aged 3, learned to play the piano and violin, sung in the Christchurch Cathedral choir and had played violin in a couple of youth training orchestras.

I was always very good at music and art as subjects, but performed much better at maths and sciences, so my natural choice going into college was to pursue these. But I started to lose interest and my exam results were poor.

With insufficient grades for Uni, I spent another year studying music, passed another exam and was able to start a degree course at Cardiff University doing 'Physics & Music' (I played the test tube!). After 3 years narrowly 'scraping' a BSc qualification, I made the obvious(!) career choice of becoming a Bars Manager in the Student Union!

Along this path, I had also worked as a chef, waiter, roadie, removal man, restaurant manager and even plucked turkeys for some extra cash! I once took time off work for about a year to become a full time inventor and held a UK patent for several years, though chose not to renew it as I stopped believing in my own idea.

All this mish-mash of unplanned career paths have lead me to where I am today: a project manager and IT software developer/contractor. But I now know why I never got rid of my old Korg X2 synth, as this came down from the loft not too long ago when I decided to write and produce my own songs. This hobby actually started much earlier when I was still at school. Influenced by Jean Michelle Jarre, I would try to create my own instrument tracks using a couple of Casio-tones and my dad's old reel-to-reel tape recorder for bouncing down and mixing. This brief fascination with recording my own songs lasted about a month!

Now however, I've been performing and producing the odd song for the last couple of years, but doing little more than sticking them on YouTube with some "cheesey" home-made video/animation. I haven't had many hits, but then I haven't given the time I should into promoting these as I've never been an active online social networker, preferring instead to interact with people more personally! Plus the other obstacle is time itself, being a full-on "Family Guy" and having to juggle music with a full time job and being a husband and father. Would I change career paths right now, swapping the office for the recording studio? Could I manage paying the mortgage and supporting 2 kids at the same time? Maybe my song-writing/video producing activities are best kept to being an occasional, time-permitting hobby, all done at home with the most basic of software.

I've always been a keen supporter of children's charities and I also like to make the odd gesture that might alter another person's way of thinking and re-order their priorities on life. I once got Ďbumpedí from behind by another driver, who left a small amount of damage to the back of my car. He was a nice guy, gave me his details and said to contact him directly to pay for the damage. Later that evening, I had thought about this and decided that I couldnít deny a sick or disadvantaged child some much needed money just so that my car could continue to look perfect and unblemished, so I asked the other driver if he would consider pledging some money to any worthwhile childrenís charity instead. He texted me back saying he had given £50 to our local Ty Hafan Childrenís Hospice and I really think he did it. This prompted me to set up a page on the website to support the same charity (

So what now? Iím not a singer/performer but Iíll always be writing the music at the very least. So I continue with my career in project management (for the moment anyway!)